Vision 20/20 Competition

If you are attending RTC Europe in Porto, and you have signed up for Joe Banks’ “Real Time Rendering and VR for Revit” session on Friday, you are a little piece of history. Every other RTC session you have ever attended was chosen by the regional RTC Committee, with an eye to overall conference balance; covering all the disciplines, beginner and advanced sessions, etc. But this session was chosen by the Delegates last year in Budapest, in our new competition.

We called it PechaKucha Format, 20 slides of 20 seconds each, on the topic of Collaboration. Three finalists (Joe Banks, Eric Drieenhuizen and Doug Williams) had 6 minutes and 40 seconds each to present their ideas, and delegates picked a winner in the time honored tradition of yelling for their favourite. It was all great fun, so of course we had to do it again.

This year we have settled into a new name, the Vision 20/20 Competition. In no small part because last year only session MC Akos Pfemeter from hosts Graphisoft actually did a “true” PechaKucha, with just 20 still images of 20 seconds each. On the topic of PechaKuchas no less! But all the entries were a bit… liberal, with the format, so we are opening things up a bit this year and allowing for video, animations, text transitions, etc. Visuals have to change every 20 seconds at a minimum, and you still only have 6:40 to make your case. And, as the name implies, the focus of the competition is your “Vision” of the future, this year on the topic of Big Data (deep insight).

So, if you have some thoughts about where the industry is going, or should go (or maybe even shouldn’t go) with regards to how we use data, get on over to the competition page and upload a PPT. Give us something that will make for a fun and energetic live presentation, and something that can be expanded into a full RTC session. The RTC Europe Committee will select three finalists to present at the Vision 20/20 session on Saturday, where the delegates will decide the final winner.

Did I mention that the winner gets not only the conference covered, like any speaker, but accommodation as well? Because just getting some time on stage isn’t enough. The Vision 20/20 Competition winner gets a full ride. And even the second and third place prizes are pretty awesome. VR Goggles anyone? More details on the competition page.

And for anyone not quite ready to put their name in the hat for the competition itself, be ready to make some noise on Saturday afternoon, as we close out the conference with the Vision 20/20 Competition.

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