We Bring It To You!

Some time ago, I met an industry peer and we started talking about our project history and achievements using BIM. Both of us had worked on fairly large projects and had come to very similar conclusions about process and whilst we knew of each other for many years, this was the first time we had really sat down and connected properly.

As the conversation proceeded, I was matching up timelines in my head and he began to tell me of the struggle he was having when first starting out in 2001. He told me of the redundant pathways he had headed down before finding workflows that were efficient and sustainable. What dawned on me as we sat in his meeting room, was that I could see through his window to another building just one street away that was my office in 2001. I could virtually see my old desk position and the level 3 kitchen. Not only had I made coffee a number of times there but I had also had so many conversations about BIM delivery processes on what was, at that time, one of the largest and more difficult retail projects in Sydney. Converting DWG’s into a model, communicating proposed, existing and demolished items, operational and construction sequencing, validating car park ramps and overall operation etc. Myself and four other bright minds given a brief to demonstrate as much as we could to solve any of the client’s problems. Many hours ensued, copious amounts of coffee and I learnt and honed principles that I fall back on until this day.  It all came flooding back.

What I then also realised was that I was talking to a peer who was struggling to get airborne whilst we were already soaring just a street away. I told my peer this story concluding with “I was only one street away!  I was just there and I would have told you anything you needed to know.”

I am a big believer in passing on knowledge to our industry. I started out in the days of no internet, hoping to find some scant info in magazines and industry literature, whereas now it’s a BIM knowledge free for all.  I called out a senior manager of a tier 1 contractor a little time ago who said he didn’t want to give away any advantage to his competitors.  I retorted to this sentiment with “Oh yes, one of your competitors used to think this way… Don’t you want to be seen as an industry thought leader and employer of choice?”  It’s why I give my time to volunteer on the RTC Australasian Committee and chair SYDBIM.

It’s why I believe in events like RTC Australasia 2016 so that you don’t have to hunt for invaluable information and experience…  We bring it to you!

Hope to see you there

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