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If you’re coming to BILT Europe this year, and are staying a little longer in Ljubljana, here are our tips to exploring this beautiful, unique city. As named the greenest city in Europe in 2016, it is no wonder that many of the things to do are both eco-friendly and fun!

For those of you with only a day or two to spare, we recommend visiting the heart of soul of Ljubljana, Old Town. We recommend starting your journey in the Prešernov trg Square, this spot includes three of the most recognizable images of Ljubljana: the pink façade of the Franciscan Church, the monument to the poet France Prešeren, and the Plečnik’s Triple Bridge.

When you cross the triple Bridge, you will find yourself at the Central Market, which was built by renowned architect Jože Plečnik between 1940 and 1944. The Market is open Monday to Saturday and includes a range of shops offering local Slovenian products as well as local food including home-made bread, biscuits and pastries, various local cheese, dried fruit and nuts, local olive and pumpkin seed oil.

Not far from the market is the famous Dragon Bridge (Zmajski most). Most people consider this monument to be a pinnacle in Ljubljana and it is considered that if you do not take a photo with the dragon, you were not really in Ljubljana.

You can return past the Cobblers’ Bridge, aptly named for its origin as the area for cobblers’ workshops, to the Prešernov trg square along the Ljubljanica River.

Another place that goes without saying is the Ljubljana Castle. Standing on a hill above the city, this is Ljubljana’s main attraction. The tower offers some of the most beautiful views of the city, while the castle houses a museum exhibition on Slovenian history and a puppet museum!

If you’re interested in activities along the Ljubljanica, there are a number of tour boats you can hop on to leisurely stroll down the river. If you’re up for a little more activity there is also the famous Stand-up Paddle boards for hire along the river, or if your balance is not so crash hot, there’s also kayaking and canoeing along the river.

Not a fan of getting wet? There are also a number of bicycle and Segway tours through the city, or through the UNESCO listed Ljubljana Marshes or even jump on the green electric train which loops through the city.

If you’ve got more than a day or two and are looking to venture further than the cobblestone streets of Ljubljana, there are also a number of attractions an hour or two from Ljubljana if you’re happy to take a drive.

The Geoss Adventure Park in the village of Slivna, which is about 40 minutes’ drive from Ljubljana, offers six different tree-top climbing routes, 91 climbing obstacles set up at heights ranging from one to 25 metres above ground, and a 915-metre-long rope slide. The routes take two to three hours to complete.

Alternatively, explore the caves: Slovenia is a karstic country with more than ten thousand caves. Put on your caving gear and enter the unspoiled underground world with an experienced guide. Explore the numerous passages and corridors and admire the beautiful underground rivers and lakes. In the heart of this region is the Škocjan Caves, one of Slovenia’s most beautiful natural sights, included in the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Want both Adrenaline and Architecture? Take a day trip to Lake Bled, where you can whitewater raft down the river, explore the Bled Castle; an ethereal looking castle sitting atop an island in the middle of the lake, and hike through Bled Gorge for the largest waterfall in Slovenia.

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