We’re Moving

If you’re out there in the Twitterverse following RTC you know there’s more than one link to keep up with all the regional events. There’s #RTCAUS #RTCNA, #RTCEUR and #RTC_ASIA. This made a lot of sense a few years ago, but as the RTC community has grown into multiple regional events it’s getting noisy. There’s a lot of separate feeds and we don’t want anyone following one regional event to miss something really interesting from another regions.  So we’d like to simplify this for everyone.

Here’s what we’re going to do:

  • Wind down the regional Twitter account’s activity (but keep the accounts)
  • Start tweeting from #RTCEvents
  • Continue to use the regional hashtags (#RTCAUS #RTCNA, #RTCEUR and #RTC_ASIA)

We’d really appreciate it if you’d all start following https://twitter.com/RTCEvents for all your in-the-moment RTC News and Updates. We’ll do our best to keep it interesting and fresh. And when you’d like to flash us with some interesting news please use the #RTCEvents (along with the regional hash tag if it makes sense).

That’s it! The great news is RTC has seen wonderful growth and we’re looking forward to 2016 and beyond. RTC is really you – yes, you – the person reading this brief update. Thank you for helping make RTC such an important part of the BIM Community!

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