We’re Number Two!

Reese Bobby did his best to clear up the little misunderstanding of “If you’re not first…you’re last! It turns out:

“You can be second, you can be third, forth…you can be fifth!”

Anyway North America: you’re 2nd. Actually just the bit in the middle of North America…USA. Silver’s not bad, either. It’s a practical sort of metal. People even eat off it. And just FYI – if you’re one of the lucky ones from the USA headed to Budapest for #RTCEUR in a few weeks you don’t need a visa but you will need a passport. Same for Canada.

For the rest of North America – you still have time to register. There’s a full schedule and list of classes over here – along with links to the Revit Certification Exam Timetable.

Oh – and more thing. There are 46 speakers for #RTCEUR coming from all over the world.

“Where?”, you ask.

Screen Shot 2015 10 11 at 4 54 34 PM

We’re Number One! And with a few more delegate registrations…Gold!

Come on North America. Register today! http://www.rtcevents.com/rtc2015eu/

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