What is an Engine Room, aka BCS:ER, at the Building Content Summit?

Last week we gave you some insight as to the program that the Building Content Summit will be following:  multiple sessions occurring simultaneously, perspectives being given from folks along the entire project life cycle (this won’t just be design teams and content users, no sir/ma’am!), sessions shared from multiple platforms user base, and during all of that, this other space called the Engine Room.

What exactly will go on, in the Engine Room?

  • Do you have content that you or your organization is working on, but you haven’t *quite* gotten the mileage you want out of it?  Bring it to the Engine Room, and consult with a Content Expert. (objective: acquire efficiency)
  • Did you or your organization build a new library meant to be used by others, and you want someone to put it through its paces, and critique it? Bring it to the Engine Room, and let a Content Expert bang on it for a little while. (objective: acquire feedback)
  • Did you START building an intense piece of content, but you can’t figure out how to get it to function the way you want? Bring it to the engine room. Let a Content Expert help you. (objective: acquire functionality)
  • Are you THINKING of starting a new Content Library, but want to brainstorm with someone who has “been there, done that?” Come to the Engine Room, and trade ideas and concepts with Content Experts.

And… If you have content that you aren’t sure can be created, by all means… Bring your most challenging.  =)

3-26-2014 4-10-08 PM-AIA

As I’m sure you have caught on, this means we plan on having Content Experts on hand throughout the entire two days, in the Engine Room.  We are working hard to balance the backgrounds and the expertise of the “experts,” as well:  From all disciplines, AND from all BIM platforms. While our “Expert list” is growing, many hands make light work.

If you would like to participate as a content expert, helping others troubleshoot, strategize, review, or create content in your BIM Platform of choice, send us an email at BuildConSum@RTCEvents.com.

The Engine Room will also have tables available for rent, if your organization would like to set up a simple work area to collaborate with other attendees, while showing building content or content development strategies.

  • Do you have libraries of great content share or demo?  Think about renting a table in the Engine Room.
  • Do you have products or capabilities to help others get their content created?  Think about renting a table in the Engine Room.
  • Do you have expert level Data Wrangling skills, and Dynamo definitions made for data exchange like a champion?  Think about renting a table in the Engine Room.
  • Did you take the time to build the Revit Component for Johnny 5? Think about renting a table in the Engine Room, and please have a Battletech Marauder done by the BCS Event.  Thanks!

6-20-2015 7-06-35 PM-Johhny5

If you think you would like to have a table in the Engine Room, reach out to us at BuildConSum@RTCEvents.com.  

Whenever I think about the Engine Room, I am imagining that living room in the software developers house, where half the people are hanging out engaged in a debate, and the other half are hovering over computer screens, furiously working on some intricate piece that they just collaborated on coming up with a workflow for (and I’m pretty sure the piece they are modeling is what the other group is debating… Which makes it more fun).

Reach out of if you have questions or interest in participating, in the Content ER.  Looking forward to seeing you in the Engine Room!


-Aaron Maller (twiceroadsfool)


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