What is new @ BILT Europe this year?

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I often hear from peers going to BILT that it is a conference that just gets better year after year (so if you have not secured your delegate pass yet – head on over here and get started).  I would be lying if I said this does not put at least some degree of pressure on me and the rest of the organizing committee, but we are flattered nonetheless ;-) Every year, we take time to reflect on your feedback and look at what we can do to improve next years conference, this year is no different. So what IS new at this years BILT Europe? Read on, and I’m sure you’ll find BILT Europe is packed with more of what you love the most :-)

More Classes

This years programme features more classes than ever. The schedule is literally packed with goodies; so much that we added a whole new track – meaning we will run 7 classes simultaneously throughout most of the three days. But for us quality is way more important than quantity. We also have an extraordinary amount of talent coming to this year’s conference where in addition to our usual interactive labs and lecture style sessions, we also will have more case studies, roundtables and workshops. Our classes this year will showcase a larger variety of software platforms, as well as more business strategy and leadership classes as we understand communication and collaboration is key to us working together to further our industry (And also ties in with this year’s theme of Death of Disciplinary Silos).


While in previous years we have been known for our Revit classes, this year at BILT Europe we have dedicated ARCHICAD and OpenBIM classes for the ARCHICAD users out there. As such we have compiled a full list of sessions that we think will be most beneficial to you. These include an in-depth hands-on technical training within ARCHICAD on day one, and on day 2 and 3 a mixture of strategic level BIM process sessions and case studies on major projects undertaken in Europe that would be of high value for ARCHICAD users and which compliment the technical sessions centred around ARCHICAD on day one.

Check out our rundown of the ARCHICAD stream here.

More Keynotes

We announced our first keynote speaker back in April – none other than Dr. Beau Lotto, the globally renowned Neuroscientist, 2 times TED talk’er, G8 Summit and Google Zeitgeist Minds speaker and much more. He will kick off the conference with a special address ‘Seeing Differently: The Best Designs Begins With Not Knowing’ on which he says; “Our society typically focuses – at times almost exclusively – on only one half of the innovation equation: efficiency. The problem is that our world changes. So too, then, must we. Which is why the most successful systems also embody creativity. Here we’ll discover that there’s nothing creative about creativity … that creativity is only creative from the outside. Indeed, innovation is a deeply natural process that is accessible to anyone. But – like all good design – it begins with not knowing, rather than knowing. Using perceptual neuroscience we will explore the principles of natural adaptation that enable us to live ‘at the edge of chaos’ … on average”.

We also have our second keynote speaker, Mat Colmer, who will be discussing blockchains in the built environment. This is a subject that has been very popular throughout the industry, so why not bring someone to tell us all about it.

Our third and final keynote speaker is Frank Weiss, the head of global strategy for BIM & Innovation for the Construction Engineering Global Business Unit for Oracle. He will show us Oracle’s vision for the future including embracing data with predictive analysis, an open and integrated eco-system based on a CDE with a new user experience will help clients and the market to improve and enter the new level.

Exhibition Area

We introduced the Presentation Zone last year and this year it will take center stage of the exhibition area. The Presentation Zone will feature our exhibitors giving 5 minute presentations each day.  Pop by for some additional insight into the products and services they are exhibiting at BILT.  You will be able to find the schedule in the app and handbook.

Last year we also had our Gadget Lab, which this year will feature some wacky and wonderful gadgets for you to check out and try out for yourself. Make sure you come past the booth and say hello to our fearless leader Wesley Benn, who will be manning the booth and will no doubt be playing around himself.


You will already have seen some of what’s new when you registered and selected your classes.  Each year we review our process and all of our tags to try to make it easier for you to select your classes. This year we had a major overhaul, reviewing all tags and adding software filters.  We have also now published the full text of submitted abstracts which we hope will give you a better idea of which classes might suit you.

We are always trying to improve your BILT experience, so please do share your feedback and suggestions with us both during and after the event.


See you soon (and if you have not secured your delegate pass yet – head on over here and get started)


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