What Makes a Conference Great? (WMaCG series)

This is a re-post of a conversation started at Linked in by Wesley, RTC’s Chairman. We’ve brought it here too since the blog is now available to us as well. While it started relative to the Wollongong venue for this year’s RTC in Australsia the questions and ideas apply to any location. We welcome your comments here and/or you can continue the dialog at Linked in.

Wesley wrote (March 28th):

“I believe that there has been discussion in some quarters in regard to the choice of Wollongong as a venue, and a concern from some of those people as to its suitability and/or desirability. I would be curious to hear from you all on this topic, and thought I would start by setting out some of our thought processes in relation to having made this choice of venue. I will do each of these questions as a separate entry within this thread (separate post on the blog).  –  Please feel free to respond to one or all of them as we go.”
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