What Was Your BILTanz Experience?

This week we thought we’d share with you some posts from our delegates, speakers and sponsors on their BILT experience.

For a day by day recap of the event – visit the Blaugi.  Kate Morrical, chairperson of AUGI had a busy time while she was here, not only was she attending the event, but managed to blog about it on each day too! Kate gives a great wrap up of both the sessions she attended and her experiences visiting us from the USA.

Captain BIMCAD aka Shanoc Halliday had some great things to say about his BILT experience from the point of view of the exhibitor hall, as well as sharing  thoughts from delegates he had spoken to during the conference.  It has been noted on twitter that 20 hours for preparing a BILT presentation is not enough – perhaps a 1 was left off the front!

Over at Digital Node, one of our speakers, Rebecca De Cicco has provided her thoughts on the event, with some great feedback which we will be responding to in detail.  It’s fantastic to know when people think it’s a great event, but also to get speaker and delegate suggestions of what we should do next.

If listening to podcasts is more your thing, check out The Architechshow with Joe Banks for a BILT wrap up.  Joe, Greg and Will have a chat about many things – and occasionally mention BILT.  It’s almost like being at the pub after a day of BILT!

If you have your own or other blog posts or podcasts about the event to share, please tag us on LinkedIn (RTC Events) or Twitter (@BILTevent).  If you’d like to write a post about your BILT experience to be published here on our blog, feel free to get in touch with me at ceilidh.higgins@rtcevents.com.

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