What’s Your Schedule In October Looking Like?

If you’ve been following Marcus’ committee confessions, you’ll know that we’ve recently had our committee workshop in Aarhus, wherein all the abstracts submitted were reviewed, shortlisted and then fitted into the event schedule – well, the preliminary schedule . Following this, we draft up acceptance letters and send them out to all speakers informing them about the outcome of their submission.

So long story short: we have a schedule ready at our end. But here’s where things get a little complicated. Soon we’ll be sending out official acceptance letters to all those who submitted abstracts. If you’ve been accepted and you confirm your attendance as a speaker, that means we have your session confirmed in the schedule. This is how the process goes. But often times, priorities change, things come up and the speakers can no longer attend and we need to go into our reserved box and match a class which falls under the same category as we’d previously planned.

I guess what I’m saying is, please bear with us. Today, we will be sending out speaker acceptance letters and finalising the programme. Keep an eye out on our BILT Europe 2017 website. Rest assured we are putting together a fantastic schedule based on quality submissions put forward by you.

See you in Aarhus!


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