Who Are You? Who? Who? Who? Who?


With all the snow on the east coast, the kids have been out of school resulting in a CSI binge watching session (hence the title). But it’s also a fitting title for this weeks #RTCNA update. If you’ve ever wondered who attends RTC by the numbers check out the above graph. One of the questions asked during registration is to select your role. The graphic above are the percentages by role for all of the 2015 conferences combined.

Odds are you’re a CAD / BIM Manager by nearly 3 to 1. This makes a lot of sense as RTC sessions are targeted to higher level learning. This year there’s been an abundance of Dynamo sessions for example. And unlike some other industry conferences, it’s a lot about Revit, but also about the ecosystem of BIM. Attendees of RTC are expected to not only work directly on projects, but take what they’ve learned back to their teams and implement the latest knowledge and best practices.

Which begs the question: if you are a CAD / BIM Manager and you’re not planning to attend RTC, you realize the competition is planning to be there, right? Registration opens soon. You may want to tee up the conversation with your director first thing Monday and get this into the budget for 2016.

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