Who would you invite to speak at BILT?

While most of our presentations are accepted as part of our call for abstracts, each year we have a small number of invited speakers at BILT. One of course is the keynote. We are always looking for suggestions for speakers to invite, who will offer interesting and different points of view which we think our delegates will enjoy. This year in Adelaide, we invited Dr Daniel Davis, head of research  at WeWork to present Building at Scale. We came to invite Daniel to speak as a number of our committee members had been following the recent research coming out of WeWork and are very interested in both the research itself, and the impact the WeWork operating model could have on our industry. If you want to know more about what WeWork have been up to and why they have been valued at $20 billion read all about it here.

Our keynote and invited speakers don’t just come from our own industry or the world of technology.   Over recent years we have invited opera singers, motivational speakers, comedians, psychologists and more to present at BILT. We know from your feedback that you often value the insights, new perspectives and personal and professional opportunities these different speakers bring to BILT. Who would you like to see speak at BILT ANZ 2018 in Brisbane? Let us know via Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook and we will see what we can do. 

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