Who’s Who?

You’re “Who”, if you’re in the who’s who of Design Technology leaders and you’re attending DTS 2016!

I’m sure just about every post this week will be about RTC Events North America kicking off next week. Not much to add myself but I’m excited to be kicking off the sixth DTS a week from now as well as RTC NA in general. If you’re reading this and can still make travel plans, you’re welcome to register for DTS! We’ve got a great group of people coming from a variety of firms all with 100 or more employees. We just put the finishing touches on our first DTS yearbook, which I think is going to be a great take-away for our attendees this year. RTC Events have always been about small scale and the opportunity to network and actually meet the people at the conference. DTS simply amplifies this approach and to make it more personal you’ll get a listing of everyone who was there with you!

A quick note to those who are already attending, we kick things off with Lunch starting at noon. We encourage everyone to arrive no later than noon if you can, you can check-in beforehand starting at 11:00 and we’ll have hot beverages available. During lunch we want you to put your thinking caps on and be prepared to fill out at least one (or more) post-its with anything you’d like to discuss regarding Design Technology. This is your opportunity to bring up anything new that has come up recently that you think may be relevant or you recently found yourself saying; wow I wish I had someone to ask “what would you do” in this case.

See you in Scottsdale and bring your discussion topics with you!

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