Why am I attending BCS Europe 2018?

My first exposure to BCS was last year in Aarhus, Denmark. I got involved as I joined Uponor with a task to build a good BIM business for the group – before that my experience in BIM content had been very limited and mostly from a consumer point of view.

I’ve attended several BIM conferences, but they are usually set up for a certain trade (contractor, designer..) and to users of certain software or service. That makes the content homogenous and everything is solver with the same medicine. The same tool, process etc.

BCS was different from the get-go. In Aarhus I was struck with a great mix on people and experience. The program is there to boost the natural networking of people and getting everyone working on some relevant topics and getting results. Having architects, designers, builders and manufacturers in the same room makes a ton of difference. You have to consider the big picture and make sure all view points a covered, when suggesting a solution. As people come from different countries it is also covering different practices and technologies better than “local” events.

I was able to confirm several concepts we were working on at the time – honestly it is easy to say that attending BCS probably fast-tracked our BIM Strategy several months and gave us insight we would have been hunting for a long time. In addition BCS introduced us to several service providers that we can now use to execute our strategy with. Again, saving time and money when we don’t have to seek for that ability and knowledge.

This year we are attending again, the goals are same as last year, but focus is even more on execution. I’m keen to learn what is new, how others have approached the same industry dilemma we’re seeing.

All in all – I think this is among the best annual events there are. Content wise I’d even be saying it’s the best. But then again, I could be slightly biased as I get to influence it.

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