Why I speak at BILT – Rebecca de Cicco

Abstract submissions are now open for BILT ANZ 2018 to be held in Brisbane from 24-26 May.  Submissions will be open until Thursday 26 October (11.59 AEST).  Please visit our website.

I have worked in the Construction industry for several years and now manage a successful business in focusing on BIM related services. I lived in London almost 10 years and founded Digital Node in 2012, a BIM consultancy offering strategic, management and technical advice to industry. Having grown the business into a successful entity, and as an Australian, I felt it important to spend more time over on this side of the world and created Digital Node Australia. The time spent in the UK allowed me to grow my knowledge on both the management, technical and process driven approaches to BIM in a country with a strong government drive which was far more advanced than Australia.  Digital Node was formed to address the skills shortages in BIM globally and provide a service to industry which was desperately needed both in the UK and abroad. Skills shortages are a crucial area to address as our industry is changing so rapidly in the way we share, manage and source information. Working across both regions of the world has allowed me to gain knowledge in the BIM landscape across the world and grow relationships both locally and abroad. For Digital Node, BIM events are a critical component to the incentive and as the sole director of the company, I make it a priority to attend and speak at BIM events globally to share my knowledge and gain exposure.

Speaking at a BILT event was incredibly important. I felt that due to the nature and size of the industry in Australia (and of the country) , I felt this event is the most widely recognised and which is attended by the majority of the BIM community in Australia. BILT was also important for me to speak at in 2017 as it was hosted in Adelaide (my home town) and therefore could present on home soil for the first time in my career since establishing Digital Node. This was an incredibly rewarding experience, sharing my skills and knowledge to those working in the BIM space in South Australia and having a global presence of BIM folk in a city which would rarely see this.

I have a keen desire to continue to speak at BILT events in Australia to connect to the BIM community as well as understand how the landscape in BIM is evolving in Australia and globally. I hope to speak again and share my knowledge and expertise to others working in the BIM space, and to connect with the BILT team to provide greater visibility to Women in BIM and diversity in Construction. I am passionate about ensuring the Construction industry and those working in BIM understand the importance of diversity. Diversity is a key component to addressing our skills shortages and re-entry for women into Construction must be addressed so that we can support an industry struggling with finding the right skills and people.

I would certainly recommend speaking at a BILT conference as it has allowed me to gain visibility, to connect with BIM professionals around the world and to offer education to industry which it desperately requires. I would be happy to speak at these events annually and all over the world to share my knowledge and learn from others regarding their current skills and practices in BIM. A well-organized event with great people, good facilities and a welcoming team. Well done BILT!

Rebecca has always had a keen interest in digital technologies and how they can radically change the way we work and interact in the Built Environment.   Rebecca now manages her own consultancy, Digital Node, providing advice and insight to construction professionals globally on advanced digital solutions on projects as well as implementation and management processes. It is with this knowledge that she is able to communicate, train and manage teams in a BIM environment as well as ensure her knowledge is spread throughout the industry within education and non for profit groups.

Rebecca supports Building Smart globally, sits on the Autodesk Developer Network and Expert Elite groups and works with the UK BIM Alliance and BIM Regions to help industry upskill. She is a strong advocate for diversity (Chair of Women in BIM) and works with higher education by tutoring and lecturing both undergraduate and postgraduate students in BIM and Construction Management. Rebecca is also a fellow of the CIOB and offers support and training to the likes of BSI, CIOB and other institutions in the BIM space. Her interest in training and upskilling also involved a strong social media presence for herself (@becdecicco), her organization (@digital_node) and finally her diversity group (@WomeninBIM).



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