Why I speak at BILT – Steve Faust

I have had the privilege of speaking at 3 RTC/BILT conferences. First, I want to say thank you to the selection committee and organizers for allowing me back three times! This year after the conference I was asked why I choose to teach at BILT and the answer boils down to two things; what I can give and what I can get.

I teach for what I can give.

I have been around Revit for a long time and was very excited when I first heard about the (then RTC) conference being organized by several of the best known private Revit gurus at the time. From the start this conference has been organized and attended by people who love to learn and love to push the envelope on what is possible. I personally love finding solutions to problems and better ways to do things; it’s like unlocking a little treasure chest.

Speaking at BILT gives me the chance to share this treasure with a group of people that will likely appreciate that treasure and get as much joy out of it as I do. Each time I have taught a class I have had at least one person come up to me after class, thank me, and tell me that my class directly solved a problem they were having. It’s awesome to be able to make that type of connection and give back to the industry. I’ve found that my treasures are more fun when shared.

I teach for what I can get.

BILT is full of really smart people. I would say Revit Geeks™ but I think Brian Mackey has that copyrighted! Seriously, though, the BILT crowd has some definite treasures of their own and most will offer them freely. I’ve found that teaching a class often starts conversations that end up giving you a little treasure of information from one of your attendees. As an example, in my class this year I mentioned something I had been trying to figure out and hadn’t been able to solve.

After class one of the attendees came up and said “hey, I’m pretty sure you can…” and proceeded to lay out the solution (and he even later confirmed it on his own and emailed me to tell me so). I then used that exact solution on a project saving me quite a bit of time. Would I have discovered this solution had I not taught this class? Probably, but not as quickly and I wouldn’t have made the personal connection in the process.

I teach for the community.

So, if you are thinking about submitting a class for BILT, I say do it! It takes some time but it’s well worth it. Look at any of the treasures you have found lately and chances are someone else is looking for it right now. Not only will you have fun sharing your treasure with people who will appreciate it, I bet you will get something back as well!

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