Why I speak at RTC – Lucy Guerin Gives a Project Managers’ Perspective

As a Project Manager, to say I am a minority in the BIM world would be an understatement!! Although the majority of Project Managers see BIM as “that thing that the design teams use” – if they even know what BIM is – I believe that Project Managers clearly understanding what BIM is and how its use affects the project, is essential for project success. Attending RTC gives me opportunity to learn more about BIM, directly from the users and industry experts. I am then able to go back to my company and educate other Project Managers on what BIM actually is, what it can really do and how we can effectively manage it on our projects in our role as Project Managers.

In addition to learning more about BIM from leading industry experts, as a speaker at RTC in 2015, I was able to provide my perspective of BIM and how it should be treated on a project. As Project Managers we are generally responsible for the project delivery strategy, procurement and contract drafting and negotiations. This is an area that is still poorly understood in the industry and is having a negative impact on BIM projects. I ran a session on these issues which not only gave me an opportunity to share my experience and knowledge in these areas but enabled other attendees to share their experiences. My session also highlighted the frustration of how these issues are not being considered on projects, which as the only Project Manager in the room, made things a little interesting at times….. but has meant I’ve gone back to my company and pushed for educating my colleagues even more strongly than ever before.

RTC is also an excellent event to meet likeminded people who have a passion for BIM over a drink or five…… Not only was I able to meet new people from other states, I was able to catch up with friends and colleagues some who I hadn’t seen since working with them on previous projects.

RTC is great event to mingle with likeminded people, both old and new. Being a speaker enabled me to bring a different view point to the event which was beyond just the technical and open discussion of current industry issues. I’ll be submitting an abstract again this year. If you think you can bring something new to the BIM world then I would definitely recommend taking the opportunity that speaking at RTC provides.

Lucy has had a varied career, starting as a marine engineering officer in the Royal Australian Navy, a contract administrator and hull surveyor for yacht construction and then a procurement manager  for major projects. She was the National Procurement Manager for JLL Project and Delivery Services where she was responsible for development, implementation and management of construction work programs and procurement strategies and was awarded a NAWIC merit award for Contribution to a Project for the Westpac Bank Now program in 2014.  Lucy is now a Senior Project Manager for healthcare and education projects at APP.

Remember abstract submissions close this  Friday 7 October 2016 (AEST 11:59pm).

Image credit: “Contract” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by 24oranges.nl
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