Why I’m coming all the way from Singapore to BILT Europe

This time last year I was preparing for BILT Europe and heading off to Denmark. This year’s adventure brings me to Slovenia; known for its beautiful mountains, lakes, castles and the architecture of Jože Plečnik, whom we studied in architectural history. Who would think that a country steeped in a rich architectural heritage would be host to a building and technology conference!

Attending my first BILT Europe last year; the atmosphere had a fantastic buzz. New faces and familiar friends in our fraternity of BIM geeks gathered. Impressed by the professionalism and passion of our organizing committee and speakers. There was just no excuse to not come again for more.

This year I’m looking forward to a few highlight presentations which align with the work I do in digital delivery for a developer/contractor business:

Session 1.3 Hrvoje Jukić, Modular Prefabrication Design in Revit – What happens on site?

Contractors have taken a real beating in the past year and the future of construction must change. As we move towards a manufactured process rather than pouring concrete; understanding modularity and prefabrication in the way we design, model, and document will become more important. DfMA can only succeed if designers and contractors embrace new methods of working.


2.3 Nis Boile Datadriven Facility Management – Value-based ICT and BIM for Clients and Building Owners

Looking forward to my next couple of years work; major projects delivered in BIM come to completion and so finding pragmatic ways to translate data into uses for BIM in asset management and operations becomes a business imperative.


3.2 Kelly Cone – Lab: Taking Control: Verifying As-Built Conditions with Reality Capture

Seeing as how I missed BILT Asia and made an effort to get Kelly Cone out to Singapore; I had to get this class into my diary to reprise the opportunity. Having BIM isn’t an automatic ticket to better quality buildings. How do we keep construction honest and validate the accuracy of what we build? Processes around LIDAR scanning and tools like Verity give us a solution for this.


BILT Europe 2018 is almost upon us and I hope to see you all there.

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Richard Kuppusamy

Regional Manager for Digital Integration


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