Why should I?

Dublin Castle, site of RTC 2014 Europe

Every year I have someone ask me “Why should I attend RTC? What’s different/better/more valuable about RTC?”. While there are plenty of column inches I could devote to answering these questions from my own perspective (Yes, I am the founder and organiser, but I am also a practicing architect, and the tenor of the events I hope reflects this), I find it more valuable, and far more interesting for me at least, to look at the answers that others provide.

Michael Kilkelly wrote a blogpost last November about his experience of RTC 2014 Europe (held in Dublin) and had a lot of interesting things to say. Michael is a principal of Space Command (great name by the way, Michael!) in the United States and author of the blog ArchSmarter. His blog is quite active and well worth a visit. While I have quoted from his blog post below, you really should read it in full.

Michael kicks off his review by noting that he has a love/hate relationship with conferences:

I enjoy the presentations and learning opportunities but I don’t always like the pressure to network. I’m an introvert by nature so I tend to shy away from large gatherings. Plus, technology conferences can sometimes be a snore. Too much tech and not enough story.

He talks a little about why he then considered RTC for attendance – Note to Michael: Yes, you’re right, moving it each year IS a logistical nightmare! – and some of the facets of our setup that make us different from other events. As with many advanced users, there is a point at which you can become jaded about what there is ‘left to learn’. Michael has experienced this and notes that RTC was able to provide him with a lot of great learning opportunities as well as a shot of raw enthusiasm to try out new ideas.

While Michael has noted he doesn’t like ‘forced’ networking opportunities, we were pleased to see that he did single out our social event calendar as being enjoyable and successful:

A big part of any RTC conference is the social events. Wesley Benn and the RTC organizers did a fantastic job selecting interesting venues and providing plenty of food and drink.

I’ll finish off here with the start of Michael’s last paragraph:

RTC Europe was a great experience. I learned a ton and met lots of cool, interesting people in an amazing setting. I only wish I had more time to explore Dublin. I’ll definitely be attending future RTC events.

RTC events are environments designed, by people like you, to provide people like you with the information you need to be successful in practice. We speak the same language, suffer through the same problems, and yearn for the same solutions you do. We are also human, and know the need to unwind, de-stress, and just plain have a bit of fun. Who says you can’t do both in the one place? Not us! Come join us for an amazing event in the glorious city of Budapest, Hungary.

Finally, don’t forget to drop into Michael’s blog, read the rest of his post about RTC, and wander through the variety of other posts you can find there. There are more blog posts out there that talk about people’s experiences attending RTC events in the past. We hope that you will join us in Budapest so that we can eventually see your blog post about it!

See you soon,

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