Why Wait Until November?


I’ll be honest I’m still like a kid on Christmas morning when I see this screen.

But can we talk? Why is it that the release dates for Autodesk products is in April, but Autodesk University isn’t until December? Maybe the cycle is different for the expanding protfolio of non-AEC products, but as far as i’m concerned, Revit is the only thing that matters and i don’t want to wait 8 months to get together with power users to discuss all the new toys.

This is one of the things that makes RTC brilliant. Timing. Timing. Timing!

Australia in May (launch+1month), US in July (launch+3 months), Asia in September (launch+5 months) and Europe in October (launch +7months). AU is great – but it’s in December and it’s too long for me to wait!

You need your fix, you want it now, and RTCEvents is here to help you cop, anytime of year.

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