Why YOU need to attend the Data Day 2018 Conference

This is a great question! Why should you spend the day away from the office this year to attend Data Day 2018, Wednesday August 8, 2018 in St. Louis?

1. If you want to understand more about where AEC data is heading in the future. What alignment can your firm make with this data-driven future.
2. If you want to be part of the conversation on the status of AEC data in firms today. Information you can take back to your office and use, in a repeatable, scalable manner.
3. Understand what other firms are doing, what lessons they have learned, and what benefits they are getting from the leverage of project data. Data Day 2018 will be about the how and why of data.

Sounds interesting? What are the Data Day 2018 sessions going to be?
AJ Bridwell: The recipe for a successful data play. This will focus on Owner’s need for data, and how the AEC team can be successful

Bill Debevc: Collecting data with Arduino’s and Raspberry Pi’s, start to finish. This will focus on iOT, and how it will be used during and post-construction.

William Carney: Deconstructing Databased workflows for room data. This will give new ways to gather and utilize project room data.

Jon Anunson: BIM isn’t BIG DATA yet. Jon works for AECOM, which has a lot of experience in data gathering and usage. This session will focus on what your firm can do NOW.

Konrad Sobon: Mission Control – analyzing user behavior on Revit projects. This will focus on the gathering, analyzing, and visualization of how users work in Revit.

Data Day 2018 will also be having two labs. A chance in a 90-minute lab to gain practical knowledge on how firms are gathering and using data to make business decisions.

Jimmy Rotella: How to use Power BI –  already completely sold out at BILT NA
Carl Storms: Use of Dynamo for data visualization, which he recently presented at BILT ANZ with rave reviews!

For a printable program, click here.

To Register for the event, click here.

This should be a great day of learning, communicating, discussing, and networking with like minded data-centric professionals. You don’t need to be an expert, you just need to have passion for data !

David Haynes
2018 Data Day Committee

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