Why you SHOULD Attend BCS North America

Why you SHOULD attend BCS North America 2017, August 1-2, Toronto

Let us start with the end in mind.

The purpose of BCS is to bring together thought leaders from Manufacturers, Software/Service Providers and the users and BIM Managers of the AEC industry.

The goal…is to better understand the unique challenges facing each other with regard to BIM Content, and to look for overlapping interests that can be addressed.

Are you an AEC Practitioner, Service Provider, Manufacturer? Yes! Then please read on…

AEC Practitioner: For many years there has been a chorus heard in the AEC community: “This doesn’t work!” “It’s too heavy” “What about LOD?” “It’s not parametric” “Where can I find…?” “There’s no consistency”. The point is that content; a core part of any design process continues to be regarded as secondary to the toolsets themselves. This is not just in relation to the volume of content, but also the process of content creation including standards, best practices, collaboration, varying software environments and the fundamental questions around performance and fitness for purpose.

Service Provider: As the primary creators and distributors of content for BIM platforms, Service Providers have been caught in the middle for years. Manufacturers have certain demands based on what they want out of their investment in the creation of content. Users have needs that content must fulfil for it to be useable in a production environment. The two only rarely meet in the middle, and even then it is generally just so they can both beat up on you! Would you like to get them in a (adjudicated!) room where a consensus on standards, best practices, formats, and more can be hashed out? Where experts can work together to conquer the most complex of content creation processes? Where questions of file formats, collaboration, and varying software environments are openly discussed and responses developed?

Manufacturer: The Building Content Summit is an event dedicated to expanding the knowledge of all those involved in creating and maintaining BIM product information by bringing together thought leaders from across the commercial construction arena – Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Owners, Vendors and, most importantly, Building Product Manufacturers. We invite you to join us at this 2-day event where you will hear different perspectives, help develop and set trends, connect with other industry participants and learn how to drive a positive ROI through quality BIM content.

Why should manufacturers participate in BCS?
– The BIM Fundamentals and BIM ROI for Manufacturers sessions provide your sales and marketing personnel the practical knowledge they will need to develop a comprehensive BIM strategy for your company to create leads and better project visibility.
–  Gain a deeper knowledge of what architects, engineers and contractors are doing in BIM to effectively promote your company’s BIM tools and strategy.
– Listen to how other BPMs and practitioners utilize the tools of the trade to solve many of the same problems you will face related to your digital marketing strategy and BIM.
–  If you sell internationally and need help understanding the BIM ecosystem in different regions and countries, you will have access to BPM’s and service providers that can help you understand what is needed and more importantly what is not.
– Take advantage of the different workshops and the engine room to engage in meaningful conversations with BIM practitioners.

For more information about BCS North America 2017 visit our event website

Register before July 1 to receive US$100 off the full delegate price. We suggest registering as soon as possible to ensure access as space is limited! Register here

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