Will BILT ANZ 2018 be the best BILT ever?

Organising for our ANZ Brisbane 2018 event has just begun in earnest. Over the last four days, the committee gathered in Brisbane for our annual planning workshop. This year, we missed our longtime, wonderful and hardworking Event Director Harriet Cottam, who departed RTC Events Management just last week, and thankfully organised our workshop planning, logistics and travel before she left us. We wish her all the best in her new role.
So with the committee left to organise themselves, as well as a record number of abstracts to review and discuss, there was some trepidation at the beginning of the four days as to how much we would achieve…
But we would like to thank you, our community who have submitted so many fantastic abstracts across all of our streams! The record number, was also of incredible quality, and contained so many classes across our newer streams and topics in areas such as construction, project management and project controls and openBIM. With plenty of quality sessions to choose from, along with our new speaker/abstract data analytics tools (thanks to Adam Sheather), putting the program together was easier than ever.  However, as always there were plenty of sessions that were also great that didn’t get selected (and if it turns out yours is one, you should read this post) and plenty that caused debate.  (We have deliberately ‘Photoshopped’ this workshop image, so no matter how close you zoom you won’t know yet!)
We also found time to review your previous event feedback in detail (more on that in a future post), start considering the needs of our sponsors, exhibitors and industry partners, as well as (of course) find some time to start planning the social and networking events (with some testing of the after hours venues).
We were also pleased to be joined by Caroline Bell from Atlas Industries, as our local Associate Committee Member looking after Sponsorship. You’ll get a full introduction to Caroline here on the blog soon.
Thanks also to Fulton Trotter Architects for allowing us to take over their boardroom for four days, and to Nathan Hildebrandt for making the arrangements.
Much to Wes and Heidi’s relief, there were no tigers, tattoos, lost committee members or other significant  emergencies and after four days away ‘workshopping’, we are all somewhat ‘brain drained’, but we are really looking forward to bringing you the best ever BILT ANZ in 2018. Am I allowed to say that every year?
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