You in Newcastle later this month? So is #BILTEUR (and we brought a Golden Ticket to town!)


While we would love it to be #BILTEUR week every week – we, despite a serious addiction to black coffee, simply don’t have the stamina. Luckily, there are other passionate individuals putting on great gatherings to keep your #BIMcravings at bay until its finally October and we can all meet in Ljubliana. As previously teased on this blog, we have teamed up with some of our UK friends behind this little gathering called ‘BIM Show Live’ – a two-day event that looks at where we are with the ever-expanding  digitisation of the construction industry and where we can share experiences of what has worked, and just as importantly what hasn’t worked in our #BIMfull lives. The show offers a blend of keynote speakers and seminar streams covering; data, next generation, stories and strategies – all of which are chaired by two of the BIM-world’s most respected professionals; David Philp (AECOM) and Simon Rawlinson (Arcadis), both of whom have been with the show since it’s very beginnings.


The line-up over the two days, include familiar and fantastic speakers – and a bunch of new ones we’re excited to experience – in fact, tweet your favorite from the programme right here:  and is split between four streams:


  • Data – with topics such as – A Fistful of IFC and Data use for FM – Yes, it actually works! (these are two seperate talks, not that someone will punch IFC data into your FM system and make it work)
  • Stories – with talks such as: BIM and the QS – What is the problem?!  and It’s the end of the world as we know it, will BIM be fine? (Again, two separate talks)
  • Strategy – Is Your BIM BS?
  • Next Generation – BIM For The Brave


Now, if you were not attending BILT 2017, you did miss out on one the most epic keynotes we have ever had, so BIM Show Live made sure to book the same speaker. So for the second time in European BIM history, you get the chance to hear Anders Hvid, CEO, and co-founder of Dare Disrupt share his thoughts on how disruption and exponential thinking from other industries can be translated into best practices that we can apply in our industry.


This year (in a few weeks actually – Wednesday, February 28th, and March 1st) BIM Show Live returns to Newcastle upon Tyne – and we have managed to send our Speaker Manager, Rui Gavina, straight from the BILT Europe 2018 programme workshop in Ljubljana to Newcastle. We, of course, do this because we think the programme looks nothing but inspiring, but also to network with those of you that are coming – and give you an opportunity to win a Golden Ticket to BILT Europe 2018, which gives you a full delegate pass to the whole conference.


I know Rui looks very much forward to catching up with our UK friends – so take good care of him – and I trust that the folks at BIM Show Live will satisfy your craving for #BIMinspiration till we meet again.


All the best,





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