You might belong at RTC if…

5 computers

… you have ever logged into 5 machines simultaneously so you could install BIM software, you might belong at RTC.

There is nothing quite as exciting as planting a flag and starting a BIM team, which is what i am doing in Malaysia next month.  Last week i got to spend 3 days installing all kinds of software onto the new machines.  Revit, Navis, ACAD, Lumion, Sketchup, Rhino, Adobe, Gadwin…. the works.  I was a busy guy.  But i tell you that i love this work and I think a lot of you love it too.

I remember my first Autodesk University, 10 years ago in Orlando.  I was so surprised when i realized there were other people that were as excited about the tools of the trade as i was.  If only ducks go to duck conventions, then only CAD geeks go to CAD conventions.  I guess i was a CAD geek.  I accepted my fate and it felt like i had found home.

That’s why RTC is important to me.  I urge my pupils to get involved and fight for my employees to attend as well.  There is a community here and this community only works when people care.  Judging by the upswell of interest in BIM around asia, i think the ground is fertile.

I care.  i’m excited as can be to have RTC in Singapore next September.  I hope many folk around Asia will come and become part of this community as well.

quack quack.

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