You Work. They Play. Everyone’s Happy :)

Summer school holidays will be wrapping up in the US during this years conference in St. Louis. So don’t just leave the little ones at home – give them a wonderful and memorable week as a wrap up to their summer holidays! There’s lots to do in St. Louis and the BILTna conference hotel has 28 family sized rooms to help the whole family relax and enjoy a week of interesting sights, sounds and more while you’re attending the conference.

The hotel is a beautiful location. The kids will love the Grand Hall’s evening light shows as well as the Fire and Light show (below) held every evening (which is visible from the pool and many of the the hotel rooms).


The Thursday night function is being held at City Museum. A paragraph or two can’t do justice to this globally unique experience. City Museum has to be experienced first hand. The image below shows the end of a three-story slide on the first floor. It’s not even the best / tallest / only slide. It only gets better. :)


The St. Louis Arch, Museum and Grounds are wrapping up an extensive renovation that’ll be complete in time for the conference and it’s walking distance from the hotel. Ride the tram to the top and then head down to the museum. Sound boring? Not if the kids know this historic monument was the world site of a battle between the Fantastic Four and the Incredible Hulk. Marion Mahoney Griffin got nothing on Jack Kerby. I remember honing my artistic skills from this specific issue. :’)


The good news is the St. Louis Zoo has been voted one of the top attractions in the US. Even better? It’s free!


How about a particularly memorable architectural experience a bit off the beaten path in St. Louis? Check out the childhood home of BILTna Sponsorship Manager Mark Schmieding! Those lines! The proportions! Aesthetic coincidence? I think not! Note the solid materials and midwest tones. Ask nicely and Mark may even share his Revit Template Extraordinaire™ from his 2016 presentation. It rocks!

MAS Home

Looking for one more architectural inspiration? Spend an hour at the The Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis. Construction began in 1871 and the mosaics were not completed until 1988. The mosaics are made up of 41.5 million glass tesserae pieces in more than 7,000 colors. 


That’s just a few suggestions that could easily fill three family days in St. Louis while you attend the conference. Want some more ideas? Start here! But if you require a family room, please amend your reservation details with the hotel ASAP. There are only 28 family friendly rooms. Personally, I’m bringing Harrison, Millicent and Jasper to St. Louis. Yes – they’ll be volunteering at this year’s conference. But they’d also do anything to go to City Museum! :) See you soon!

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