Your votes are in…BILT Europe Top 10 Speakers



What a week! All session materials have gone out to those attending this year’s European conference, and we are already busy making the preparations for next year’s BILT extravaganza in Ljubljana.

Thank you all for voting and submitting your feedback – and thank you to all the speakers for continuously raising the bar. The top 10 sessions are:

  1. Jostein Berger Olsen from Sweco – How Dynamo Can Help Revit With Its Topographical Issues
  2. Ralph Schoch from Victaulic – LAB: Revit Fabrication Parts – Design to Spooling Lab
  3. Radu Gidei from Grimshaw (who in fact had both of his sessions in the top ten) – LAB: Set your BIM Data Free: Connect Dynamo to Cloud Services & LAB: Machine Learning for Everyone: Practical Applications using Dynamo
  4. Daniel Stine from LHB – LAB: New Multi-Story Stair and Railing Features
  5. Christopher Rossetto from OMA (who also won the Vision 20/20 competition) – Archi-Graphics: Revit’s Best Kept Secret
  6. Anders Hvid from DareDisrupt – Keynote Address: Face the Future
  7. Anthony Hauck from Autodesk – Generative Design with Project Fractal
  8. Conor Shaw from Shaw Architectural Solutions – See My Point (Cloud)? My Experience Laser Scanning a Historical Building and Making Use of the Data
  9. Nathan Love from AECOM – Modelling Civil Infrastructure in Revit
  10. Paul Vesey from Limerick Institute of Technology – LAB: Building Games – Using Unity for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality


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